Mindfizz meets: Chloe...aka "the goddess rituals"

Dawn recently interviewed Chloe from "The Goddess Rituals" to find out more about her daily rituals and views on mental health and wellbeing (@thegoddessrituals on Instagram). 

Hey! Thanks for agreeing to an interview with Mindfizz. We are very happy to have you, we love your Instagram feed! How are you?

Thank you so much, I’m so happy the posts are resonating with such wonderful people all over the world. And I’m very well thank you – just finished a lovely long yoga session, so feeling blissed out and ready to dive into your questions.

Can you explain who you are and what you do?

chloe goddess.jpg

A little about me… first and foremost I am a writer! I love to tell stories and help people feel a sense of connection through the words that they read. I think language is such an incredible element of the everyday, and sometimes we forget how powerful it can be. 

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to turn my passion into my career, creating print and digital content strategies for different magazines and brands. That is my day job and I adore it. I love the buzz and creativity it brings me – but as a typical Gemini - I also have a quiet, sensitive side that I need to nurture.

My parents have always been spiritual so I had a beautifully open upbringing. Then during my early twenties, I discovered yoga and meditation for myself and my whole outlook on life changed. I started to read a lot of inspiring books on spirituality and self-development and found myself quietly journaling (a lot!) on the peace and sense of self that my new practice had given me.

Last year, I felt a calling to channel this into a project that could perhaps help others on a similar journey to my own – or even a completely different journey.

Honouring this, I started writing my first book - The Goddess Rituals! I got so excited about the messages coming through that I wanted to share them sooner and also get valuable feedback and new perspectives, so decided to start the Instagram account @thegoddessrituals.

I have been overwhelmed by the number of lovely messages and comments I have received - we are developing a real tribe of strong, inspirational and high-vibe women... and it's made me even more excited to release the book when it's ready.

What does the Goddess mean to you? Is she kind of a deity that you worship, or is it more about, as your Instagram bio reads at the time of writing, ‘unleashing your inner goddess’- so the power within rather than the power above?

Lovely question! For me, growing up I had always played small - and like so many girls do, I felt insecure, unconfident and at times unworthy. This only gets worse as you delve into your teenage years and the self-criticism and peer pressure begins! When I began yoga and meditation – suddenly I started to tune into my body. I started to treat it with respect, with love and with admiration. This then transferred to my mind and my sense of self. Eventually I started to change my whole outlook on life and trust in the universe and its guidance. So the book is about discovering and getting to know your inner goddess (your true essence) through a journey of self-love, surrender and serenity. It’s a constant practice that I’m forever working on, but it’s beautiful. And it allows us to see through the eyes of love no matter what we’re going through.

We love your mini-rituals on your Instagram feed. What is your favourite ritual that helps you feel relaxed and centred?

My morning ritual is very important to me. I start the day with a self-reiki healing in bed – this is a new addition as I have just done my level two training and can’t recommend it enough. I then think about all the wonderful people in my life, accept any worries or anything I cannot control and make a conscious effort to connect with the loving energy of the day. Then I’ll have a hot water and lemon and I’m off to yoga!

After my shower, I will have a fruit breakfast (guilty of eating too many pineapples!) and a green tea - or if I‘m feeling fancy, a matcha latte with almond milk! As my hair is drying I will try to do a quick five-minute meditation followed by some journaling – which now often forms the focus for my Instagram posts!

If I’m really not feeling in the mood to do any of the above, which of course happens. I light a candle and pop on a beautiful playlist – suddenly I’m ready.

You seem like you know yourself well. Where did your interest in wellness come from?

I find out new things every day! It all kick started with the decision to change the way I was eating. When I switched to a plant based lifestyle I developed a new awareness for not just my body but my mind and from there I have been fascinated with wellness. Who doesn’t want to feel good?

What does mental health look like to you?

When things don’t go our way and we encounter challenges, it’s the most incredible ground to get to know ourselves more intimately. You just can’t breeze by in life when something painful comes up – you’ve got to go deeper. Mental health for me is about feeling peaceful in those challenges rather than feeling fearful or helpless. I try to work through each bump I encounter, safe in the knowing that there is healing to do... and embrace the chance to get to know myself a little better.

What does self-care look like to you?

To me it’s about honouring my emotions and my little quirks. I so cherish the relationships in my life where I can be open and fully myself without judgement. And the most important person to form that kind of relationship is yourself. Sometimes we forget that. 

What advice would you give to your younger self who may not be able to see what her future looks like, and who may need some words of encouragement?

I got quite emotional thinking about this. The message I would give to my younger self is exactly the message I want to infuse into The Goddess Rituals…. You’re beautiful as you are - don’t let anything dim your light.

What makes you happy?

Laughter! For me there is no bad mood that humour cannot cure. I’m very fortunate to have hilariously witty people around me to keep me grounded and giggling.

Do you have a favourite book or film about mental health/wellbeing? (or other media!)

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein has changed my life. In fact, all of her books, courses, videos and meditations have been pivotal and bring such a huge sense of peace to me.

You mentioned in a chat with us that you started Instagram as a way to share your message before you released your book. Can you tell us a bit about the Goddess Rituals book- when is it coming, what will it be all about?

I want this book to bring peace to people, whatever they are going through. I would like it to remind them that they are stronger, more capable and more beautiful than they know. And that they are supported, loved and held. It’s a very practical book, with little mini rituals that you can dip into as and when you need – like an oracle deck, if you’d like.

It will be released at the end of the year and I can’t wait to share it with you. In the meantime, feel free to connect with me on Instagram as I currently offer long-distance readings and energy healing to my fellow goddesses.

Thank you for the interview, Chloe. We will be eagerly awaiting the book!

You’re welcome lovely ladies - and thank you for all that you do.