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12 months

I write for comfort and it’s my way of dealing with it all. It helps me instead of talking. I have been through tough times in the past, which may or may not have been my own doing, but I have come through them so I know I can get through this. Nothing will change, the void my brother left will always be there.  I will move forward and keep my brother close to my heart with the memories we shared. I will do the things that I set out to do and forget the things I can’t. I will follow my path and accept my destiny.

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Mindfizz meets: Lewis Moran

Mindfizz meets Lewis Moran who shares his views on how he looks after his mental health, "Self care to me is...exercise, it helps me. It releases really good endorphins and settles my mind, and relieves stress. Music has always has meaning to me, it uplifts my mood. I also like to learn about mental health through books, it really helps stock my toolkit for when I have anxiety!"

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