The Sea


What’s that you hear?

It’s the sound of the sea.

I travelled to see you,

As you rise

And spray

Showering the deepest blue diamonds

You were ready to hit me

I was fearful.


Until I stopped moving.

I breathed with you

Breathed you in,

With every crash.

It was then

You caressed me

For when you trust the sea

It trusts and loves you.


For the sea

Can break you.

If you let it in.

Or embrace you.

But that day

The sea brought stillness.

Showing me how

To just love me.


I wrote this on the first day of my holiday in one of my favourite places, Falesia in the Algarve. The sea here is often rough and the beach is a rich orange colour. The weather in Autumn is beautiful, deep blue skies and pleasant temperatures. This holiday was much needed. Well all holidays are, but I was suffering with overwhelm and desperately needed to "unplug". So I decided to unplug on holiday, starting with a jog to the top of the beach. Inspired by takeaways from my mindfulness course, I simply sat and breathed, listened, and watched the sea.