Safe space

pic for safe space poem.jpg

These days, we live through screens
It’s often-mocked
We are told to live in the real world,
To make true connections, and log off.
But for me, at least
In digits and pixels
And binary coding
I found a space to exist
Calmer than the one I was born in.

These safe spaces
Created through necessity
Took one brave voice behind a keyboard saying
‘I’m not sure I’m ok’
And with a few taps back we
Hit enter on an online embrace.

We share our voices loud
Champion what we’re told to hate
And if you think social media has no value
You erase those who need safe space.


I read a lot about how social media is bad for us from the perspective of parents and teachers, but I remember it actually being the first sense of community I found when I was a lonelier teen. I found people I could relate to about music, sexuality, feminism, and mental health and made friends for life! This is a shout out to those people and those communities who often get overlooked when we critique social media.