Just...be you

Another year has passed

Just…a few steps closer to that human

You want to be.

Just…images, words, targets


You raced against time, pushed hard, failed

At times you won, accepted you, felt happy.


For the passing of time

Is just you –

existing, shining through

Just…intentions, expectations

Opened the floodgates to fear

Just anxiety…not you.

It’s hard to glow in your own skin

When all you see

Is someone else’s perfect.


This year


Just…love you.

You are the world

You are this year again,

Just…be you.

I wrote this poem on New Year’s Eve. It’s very much a note to self about the pressures I felt last year to stay on top of my game in all aspects of life and how I fell victim to social media (more on this and a similar poem to come).