Christmas For Everyone

For everyone going home 

and having to prove 

they are capable of pretending to family 

who don’t understand being gay or bi or trans 

image for everyone poem.jpg

this is for you. 


For everyone who only has their own home, by themselves, to stay in.

For everyone who dreads these long ‘celebrations’, 

for everyone who needs a break from this. 

For everyone who has lost someone 

no matter how long ago 

who knows this will hurt without them. 


For everyone who only copes with it for Doctor Who, 

for everyone who struggles around food 

For everyone who gets stuck MAKING all the food! 

For everyone who finds this too much, 

who haven’t got the funds, 

or who is biting back tears from gifts  

meant to please but left them in bits. 


Try to endure it in batches of sixty seconds. 

Count enough and you will survive this 

try and slip in touches of what you need where you can 

-five minutes in the loo or calling someone who won’t judge you. 

It is going to be ok. 

Normal life can resume 

when you want it to 

and if you don’t – this is the season to find something brand new. 

I hear you, 

I’m with you. 


One day 

you can be free and of this. 

Judged on your own terms on Christmas day. 

Or, surrounded by company;  

whatever it is that makes today hard for you  

I hope one day it alleviates. 

Things change, 


with time, and with age. 

I promise you –  

Sit tight, ok? 

No two Christmases are ever the same. 



Dawn Vincent 



I wrote this poem to give a little shout out to those of us who feel a bit fed up around this time of year, and offer those who need it some hope for next year. Christmas can be a stressful time for a lot of us and it is nice to have a reminder that while social pressures, especially from family, can put a lot of strain on us, to find a few minutes where we can to take a few breaths and collect ourselves. I hope whatever you do this year you enjoy it! Thank you for reading my poem, I hope you enjoyed it!