Blue Monday




They say life is what you make of it, 

but it’s two weeks into January; 

the not-so-pretty side of winter. 

The sky streaks grey in every shade, 

I’m skint from Christmas 

but now the ads say ‘get away’ 

and it looks like I can’t afford a holiday. 


All those resolutions I made 

in an alcoholic, optimistic haze- 

they’re done with, over. 

I was overambitious for too much change 

and seduced by the thousands of sales. 

So now I have clothes far too small 

with their tags left on 

and a gym membership I’m not sure I can cancel. 


I resolve next year 

to wait until the fever is over 

buy someone else’s discarded gear 

and go to the gym when it’s quieter, 


after the two-week-rush, 

everyone else has given up. 


It may sound cynical 

but it makes good financial sense. 

because who would want to spend the coldest months of the year 

in Lycra shorts and strappy vests? 

Next year I won’t do as I’m told- 

won’t buy what I’m sold. 

But for now, to stop me feeling blue, 

sofa, please take me back, 

I’m sorry I ever abandoned you. 



This one goes out to all of you who are feeling the customary sadness that ‘Blue Monday’ suggests. We have run out of steam for unrealistic resolutions, the sky is grey and we can’t really see the light at the end of the dark-morning tunnel! Have faith that soon things will look brighter.