Photo: Victoria Matthews.

Photo: Victoria Matthews.

As the light begins to fade,
Autumn gently whispers its promise
For a shift, to soothe...
My restless soul.
Autumn’s rich dreamy blanket,
Comforts and strokes every nerve
It gently beds down hope
A promise to restore
As the spirit of time gently passes
Pulling me in, slowing life down.

Autumn is a quiet healing power,
Unraveling the strings of my knotted soul.
Autumn is my friend,
Slowing the flow, the feed
Of stories in my head.
Autumn is purpose,
Comfort for the restless.
Autumn is where darkness and light collide.
It’s sunshine on a rainy day
Autumn is home.

I want to hide, bury myself
In Autumn’s warm blanket of beauty.
Dissolve myself into you,
Into all of Autumn’s bright rainbows
Adorning the blue skies.
Autumn is quiet places,
Overshadowed by the magic
Of the deepest fluffy red clouds.
Autumn is the call
To breathe in peace, to breathe out love.

Autumn is warm where you want it to be,
Or cold invigorating showers inside and out.
Autumn is letting go
As a shift in my life gently beds in.
Autumn is rest
A time to begin again.
Autumn is love, beauty
Forever in my heart.
Autumn is you,
Autumn is me.

“I really like Autumn”.  A comment from one of my CrossFit coaches inspired me to write this. It’s funny how we tend to lament the end of summer, as if it’s the only time we can be happy. Maybe a British thing (due to the lack of sunshine). I actually really like Autumn too. I see it as a time for restoring ourselves and starting new tasks or goals. Autumn weather at its best is beautiful: sunshine, crisp temperatures for long walks, a sea of colour and even some rainbows. Autumn is special for me this year.