What a time to be alive

 “What a time to be alive”…I’ve heard a couple of my friends say this recently (in a bad light), which prompted me to reflect on life as we enter another new year.

The “I’m better than you” sentiment on social media is making people sick. I am guilty. I drowned in social media in 2018. I got fed up of so-called coaches on Instagram telling me what to eat, how to exercise, when to wake up -- but still dived in.


We should take mental health as seriously as physical – doctors, workplaces, everyone.

“Cut them some slack”. This has been something I’ve repeated to myself a few times in recent months. We live in such an unpredictable stressful world, that it’s important to not immediately judge others and ourselves for shortfalls or mistakes.

The Greatest Showman movie soundtrack is awesome and anthemic – it made me feel alive and warm inside. I suspect others share my love for this uplifting music.

Amidst the fixation on politics, parking, shops, houses… maybe 2019 will be the year we genuinely become interested in saving the planet.

“Creativity is nothing but a mind set free.” – Torrie T. Asai. This quote sums up my intention to keep writing, to make time for it as it makes me happy, and to take a risk by sharing it. Don’t let whatever art or purpose brings you happiness be trapped inside, it is an expression of you.

I owe my workplace my best efforts, dedication, honesty, and integrity. I do not owe them my health or my sanity.

Speed and busyness is overrated. I’m still trying to master the art of slowing down so that I can enjoy each moment instead of rushing through to get to the next. This may mean just doing nothing.

Meaningful giving is magic. The most beautiful gift I received this Christmas Day was a handwritten poem from one of my gym buddies. A reminder to me to not get hung up on spending money on expensive gifts and to tell friends of their great worth and why they shine.

I took inspiration from the self-development figure Dr. Wayne Dyer’s “five lessons to live by” including “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change,” and “don’t die with your music still in you”.

All we need is love. It’s a silent language, it can bring us together and pull us apart, but ultimately it is the one force that can change lives forever, even if it’s super hard to love ourselves. It is the one thing that hits us right in the heart when unexpected adversity strikes us and makes us grateful. I’m entering the new year with no resolutions, more with this mantra: “Find yourself, be yourself, love yourself.” I hope that people may have the courage to just be themselves and to do whatever makes them happy.  

What a time to be alive, but I’m glad to be alive.