This is for me and you.

I wrote this for me, but I hope it helps you today. The year is literally slipping through my fingers; more than halfway through, and I’m freaking out a bit. I’ve always been a very nostalgic person and find it hard to look forward, instead looking to memories of my childhood, or just of an eventful last year (complete with wedding). Add to this, the prospect of a glorious warm summer ending and of life switching up a gear in September, and here it is…the August blues. I feel tired, overwhelmed (giant work and life to-do list isn’t going anywhere), forgetful (more than usual), and a bit demotivated. 

A couple of my friends labelled themselves as “broken” when I was chatting with them recently about how they feel mentally or physically. Not only did this prompt me to think of what I could say to them to make them feel even a little bit better, but it made me reflect on all of the harsh self talk I bombard myself with and how I could fight back. Here’s what I came up with…this is for me and you.

There will never be another you



You are enough.

There’s a million things just right about you now.

You are loved.

Fact. And if family or friends are absent right now, look up to the sky and call to your higher power. You were put on this earth to thrive not survive. 

You can’t be perfect.

You’ll never be perfect (no one is). But you are pretty amazing.

You make a difference.

Even though you don’t believe it, you’re awesome at what you do, whatever you do. What you do has an impact. 

Someone somewhere is thanking you.

Yes. Someone is grateful for you and the difference you make.

You are not alone.

Someone nearby feels like you do. 

Don’t give up.

The weight of the world may feel insurmountable right now, but you’re doing the best you can and not giving up. The best things are those that are the hardest won.

I believe in you.

Until you believe, I will believe in you for you. 

Forgive yourself.

For everything. It’s not your fault. 

You are just as worthy as the one with more.

Yes, you are.

You are stronger than you think.

Resilience is your under appreciated super power, not weights in the gym.

Do what makes you feel alive.

Yes, only what makes you happy. Try saying no in the nice way that only you can. 

It really doesn’t matter.

There will be a time when all the worries and thoughts won’t matter. Most of your worries don’t come true.

Let go.

Not everyone or everything belongs in your universe.

Most of what you believe isn’t true.

If all the things you choose to hear are true, you will never accept the beauty, the gift that is you. Be kind to yourself.

Life is precious.

Perspective. Someone somewhere is taking their last breath. 

From now on.

I’d give anything to go back. But from now on matters.


Touch heals (if you like a hug or shoulder to cry on).

Just ask.

Yes, just do it. People want to help you.

It’s not real.

Social media is not real life. Withdraw if it makes you feel miserable.

You’re doing brilliantly.

A day of feeling behind, but you still kept going. When you’re not winning you’re learning.

They’re not looking at you.

People are looking out for themselves. How you see yourself is not the same as through the eyes of someone else.

Write it out.

Writing down your feelings calms the mind, bringing some sense to the overwhelm or fog (it doesn’t need to make sense or be correct). Get creative, you can do it.

Success isn’t what most people think it is.

Your vision of success is often determined by the expectations of the world. You don’t need to try so hard.

Work is not everything.

The wheels still turn without you if work makes you sick. You can make work or something else work.

Don’t judge.

Everyone is fighting battles. Be kind.

It will feel better.

Have faith. It really will. 

I drew inspiration for this from my new poetry and quotes instagram feed “words for the restless” @wordsfortherestless