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An open love letter to my body

We live in a world where media and popular culture tells us that there is a body norm and that not sticking to it is harmful or unattractive. Indeed, it is how the dieting industry got so rich. Here is my letter to my body, apologising on their behalf as I try to shed the toxicity that has built up in my mind about it for years. I hope that you find something that strikes a chord in this. We were not built to hate ourselves. If you could cut everyone out of a mould, how boring would that be?!

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Time to talk...or time to write?

A smile, hug, or kind gesture have the potential to make a difference to someone's day, but getting back to basics, writing to someone can speak volumes. This doesn't have to be a long letter. We live in a world of text and email communication fed by busyness and stress and often a text is just the easiest way of "chatting". You may not receive an immediate response, but check in daily if you can -- there's nothing nicer than knowing someone is thinking of you.

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