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Living with anxiety

So let’s carry on living even when our shoulders are heavy, and take these awareness weeks and days to tell the truth if we can. I’m posting this here in the hope that someone who needs to know it, will know they’re not alone. I’m waving from where I am to you - just know you are stronger than your anxiety, you can do this and it is absolutely ok if you are not feeling ok. 

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Time to talk...or time to write?

A smile, hug, or kind gesture have the potential to make a difference to someone's day, but getting back to basics, writing to someone can speak volumes. This doesn't have to be a long letter. We live in a world of text and email communication fed by busyness and stress and often a text is just the easiest way of "chatting". You may not receive an immediate response, but check in daily if you can -- there's nothing nicer than knowing someone is thinking of you.

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Talking for the first time

It wasn’t an easy choice to seek help, and for once it’s not something I’m finding easy to write about, but it’s time to talk. It’s just as normal as a blood test for your tiredness or a cast on a broken leg. To make it real, to help me process it, and so maybe I can add my voice to those helping pave an easier path to understanding about our mental health.

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