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This is for me and you.

A couple of my friends labelled themselves as “broken” when I was chatting with them recently about how they feel mentally or physically. Not only did this prompt me to think of what I could say to them to make them feel even a little bit better, but it made me reflect on all of the harsh self talk I bombard myself with and how I could fight back. Here’s what I came up with…this is for me and you.

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Time to take stress seriously (notes to a stressed self)

Many of us are tired, deflated, and stressed. Life isn’t simple anymore. We all want to slow down but quickly. Our attention spans are severely compromised by multi tasking on an epic scale...not just at work but in our leisure time too. We’re stuck in fast forward mode where we want things (money, cars, muscles, better jobs to name but a few) quickly. We want happiness but make ourselves unhappy by pushing ourselves to find it. What if we were to just slow down? 

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Talking for the first time

It wasn’t an easy choice to seek help, and for once it’s not something I’m finding easy to write about, but it’s time to talk. It’s just as normal as a blood test for your tiredness or a cast on a broken leg. To make it real, to help me process it, and so maybe I can add my voice to those helping pave an easier path to understanding about our mental health.

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