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Feeling the love from within on Valentine’s Day

We are in the short season where everything is pink, covered in heart-shaped confetti, Greggs are taking dinner bookings in some parts of the UK (and to be fair I would be up for that!), and Baileys just brought out a strawberry flavour. That is just the beginning of what is happening in your high street I’m always curious to see the most extravagant thing! (show us what you find!). 

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Mundane self-care!

I advocate taking a deep breath. Giving yourself time. Do what you can and then congratulate yourself on that. Yeah, you might feel like a child for giving yourself a sticker for seeing a dentist, like a child, but guess what? We all have an inner child that needs looking after, too, and taking that time to acknowledge looking after yourself helps to fan that fog away, trust me.

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New year, same me!

A new year also means resolutions and they always seem so… ‘New Year New Me’. Gyms will be congested with bright-eyed people for a fortnight. Slimming clubs will have queues out the door. People will liquidise green things and flavour them with tears of disappointment. And then, because we are human, we will revert back to the people we were before we pretended we were someone else.

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