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What a time to be alive

All we need is love. It’s a silent language, it can bring us together and pull us apart, but ultimately it is the one force that can change lives forever, even if it’s super hard to love ourselves. It is the one thing that hits us right in the heart when unexpected adversity strikes us and makes us grateful. I’m entering the new year with no resolutions, more with this mantra: “Find yourself, be yourself, love yourself.”. I hope that people may have the courage to just be themselves and to do whatever makes them happy.  

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New year, same me!

A new year also means resolutions and they always seem so… ‘New Year New Me’. Gyms will be congested with bright-eyed people for a fortnight. Slimming clubs will have queues out the door. People will liquidise green things and flavour them with tears of disappointment. And then, because we are human, we will revert back to the people we were before we pretended we were someone else.

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