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New Year: Look after you

Self-care is all too often overlooked, yet so important for our physical and mental wellbeing. Let’s face it, life’s challenges aren’t going to get any easier if we don’t take care of our minds and bodies. In a world fuelled by “busyness” and a self-reliance/winning through life culture, it can be difficult to justify taking the time to nurture ourselves. Self-care is not selfish: we all have needs and we all deserve to be loved. We are all enough. 

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Putting it all into perspective -- on inner resilience

Read Tom's story and words on resilience...“We all have pressing challenges. You, reading this, will have one or two issues causing you great concern. I know you will. But remember, there's always more than one way of looking at every situation, and by drawing on your inner resilience, you can manage anything.”

“I know I can, and although I am lacking in some departments right now, that makes me feel strong.”

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