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The joy thief and how to stop it running off with your valuables

‘Comparison is the thief of joy’, Theodore Roosevelt once said. This quote has helped snap my mind back into an uplifted place, as what is the use in feeling sad about something someone else has? Something that is very much outside of my control? Obviously, we can’t choose what we feel, but we can find strength in how we approach it.

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What a time to be alive

All we need is love. It’s a silent language, it can bring us together and pull us apart, but ultimately it is the one force that can change lives forever, even if it’s super hard to love ourselves. It is the one thing that hits us right in the heart when unexpected adversity strikes us and makes us grateful. I’m entering the new year with no resolutions, more with this mantra: “Find yourself, be yourself, love yourself.”. I hope that people may have the courage to just be themselves and to do whatever makes them happy.  

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This is for me and you.

A couple of my friends labelled themselves as “broken” when I was chatting with them recently about how they feel mentally or physically. Not only did this prompt me to think of what I could say to them to make them feel even a little bit better, but it made me reflect on all of the harsh self talk I bombard myself with and how I could fight back. Here’s what I came up with…this is for me and you.

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