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Time to take stress seriously (notes to a stressed self)

Many of us are tired, deflated, and stressed. Life isn’t simple anymore. We all want to slow down but quickly. Our attention spans are severely compromised by multi tasking on an epic scale...not just at work but in our leisure time too. We’re stuck in fast forward mode where we want things (money, cars, muscles, better jobs to name but a few) quickly. We want happiness but make ourselves unhappy by pushing ourselves to find it. What if we were to just slow down? 

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Living with anxiety

So let’s carry on living even when our shoulders are heavy, and take these awareness weeks and days to tell the truth if we can. I’m posting this here in the hope that someone who needs to know it, will know they’re not alone. I’m waving from where I am to you - just know you are stronger than your anxiety, you can do this and it is absolutely ok if you are not feeling ok. 

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Putting it all into perspective -- on inner resilience

Read Tom's story and words on resilience...“We all have pressing challenges. You, reading this, will have one or two issues causing you great concern. I know you will. But remember, there's always more than one way of looking at every situation, and by drawing on your inner resilience, you can manage anything.”

“I know I can, and although I am lacking in some departments right now, that makes me feel strong.”

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