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Time to take stress seriously (notes to a stressed self)

Many of us are tired, deflated, and stressed. Life isn’t simple anymore. We all want to slow down but quickly. Our attention spans are severely compromised by multi tasking on an epic scale...not just at work but in our leisure time too. We’re stuck in fast forward mode where we want things (money, cars, muscles, better jobs to name but a few) quickly. We want happiness but make ourselves unhappy by pushing ourselves to find it. What if we were to just slow down? 

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Christmas is...

Yes, Christmas is about rejoicing with family and friends, but don’t forget to do what you want to do too. Or truly embrace what you need right now. The pressure may be on to fulfil commitments, but if you don’t want the added stress of preparing for a Christmas party or to drive 200 miles to visit relatives, it’s okay to think of yourself. You are totally enough.

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