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What a time to be alive

All we need is love. It’s a silent language, it can bring us together and pull us apart, but ultimately it is the one force that can change lives forever, even if it’s super hard to love ourselves. It is the one thing that hits us right in the heart when unexpected adversity strikes us and makes us grateful. I’m entering the new year with no resolutions, more with this mantra: “Find yourself, be yourself, love yourself.”. I hope that people may have the courage to just be themselves and to do whatever makes them happy.  

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Putting it all into perspective -- on inner resilience

Read Tom's story and words on resilience...“We all have pressing challenges. You, reading this, will have one or two issues causing you great concern. I know you will. But remember, there's always more than one way of looking at every situation, and by drawing on your inner resilience, you can manage anything.”

“I know I can, and although I am lacking in some departments right now, that makes me feel strong.”

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