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Letting go and making peace

Spending too much time in the not feeling enough zone stops us from understanding and fulfilling our true potential. Only in recent years have I realised just how important authenticity is. It’s about being real and being true to who you genuinely are and what your purpose is. There’s so much pressure to conform in life that we can lose connection with the path to our own happiness. Expectations and images are everywhere from the moment we wake up – it’s a competitive world when we follow ideal bodies and careers. I’m gradually pushing back and speaking up and my mantra is to only do what makes me happy. You are so worth it too.

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The joy thief and how to stop it running off with your valuables

‘Comparison is the thief of joy’, Theodore Roosevelt once said. This quote has helped snap my mind back into an uplifted place, as what is the use in feeling sad about something someone else has? Something that is very much outside of my control? Obviously, we can’t choose what we feel, but we can find strength in how we approach it.

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Living with anxiety

So let’s carry on living even when our shoulders are heavy, and take these awareness weeks and days to tell the truth if we can. I’m posting this here in the hope that someone who needs to know it, will know they’re not alone. I’m waving from where I am to you - just know you are stronger than your anxiety, you can do this and it is absolutely ok if you are not feeling ok. 

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