Going with the flow at Christmas

This year I didn’t moan about money when she booked a Muppets Christmas Carol Singalong (yes, booked it, not just at home like normal people) and I realised that Christmas isn’t just capitalism wrapped up and sold to you at a mark-up disguised as a discount, but it is a pretty good excuse to add glitter to everything (environmentally friendly where possible). 

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Putting it all into perspective -- on inner resilience

Read Tom's story and words on resilience...“We all have pressing challenges. You, reading this, will have one or two issues causing you great concern. I know you will. But remember, there's always more than one way of looking at every situation, and by drawing on your inner resilience, you can manage anything.”

“I know I can, and although I am lacking in some departments right now, that makes me feel strong.”

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