About Mindfizz

Mindfizz is dedicated to sharing our deepest thoughts, emotions, and experiences of all things mental health and wellbeing through words. Mindfizz is for all – we invite you into our space to read and share your own stories. There’s no right or wrong with writing. Just write it down, talk about it, and share. We are better together.


Meet Mindfizz


Dawn Vincent

Hi! I’m Dawn. I’m in my twenties, and I live in Essex, U.K. I’m a mad cat lady and still not really over the loss of David Bowie. This feels a lot like writing an online dating profile! (but it’s my own fault as I set these questions). If you don’t already know me from real life, my other blog (dawnvincentisawriter.wordpress.com), poetry, writing, or any other pies my fingers are in, then you will get to know me from what you see on this website. Welcome. It’s great to see you and you look gorgeous.

For a long time I’ve been thinking about how I can help other people who suffer with mental health. It wasn’t until Claire approached me that I was inspired to really go for it, to share my story, progress, and changes, and to allow others to do the same. I am so excited for this project and keen to learn more about my own inner ticking as well as more about mental health in general.

I want to raise my hammer against the taboo wall. A lot has already been done in that it feels easier now to be honest about how we feel than it may have done just a few years ago, but there are still massive changes to be made socially, governmentally, and in general. If we can chip even a chunk of brick off, I will be happy. I want to help others break down their walls, question the walls around them, and live authentically.

I was (self) diagnosed with depression for the first time at around 18, when I went to uni, although it has come and gone in varying phases of illness since and before. I estimate I have probably suffered since I was a young child, although it’s hard to know for sure. There are definitely memories in childhood I can tell you where I was experiencing severe anxiety, passed off as ‘shyness’. Over time I have grown to understand myself and my triggers, and release past pains. I will write on this more extensively in the future, so keep an eye out. 

We have so much planned! We want stories from every kind of person – if you want to share, please get in touch! We will be doing so with a mixture of interviews and written pieces, so if you are happier talking than writing or vice versa, we can work round you. There’ll be poetry, quotes, and challenges, and we will also talk about the things in life that relate to mental health. For me, that’s body positivity, cats and confidence. For Claire, that’s guinea pigs, exercise and all things vegan! 

10 things I love: 

Mermaids. Anything iridescent (ANYTHING), dandelions, 50’s dresses, Disney, Tim Minchin, sweet wine, hazelnut lattes, autumn, and the sea.

10 things I dislike:

Rude people, bad tube etiquette, xenophobia, blue cheese, fish (they creep me out and I’m not entirely sure I like the taste), having to wear glasses daily, cold hands, ungrateful people, people who put other people down because they’re jealous, and being woken up! (Even when I need to be, even when I’ve had a solid 10 hours sleep!)


Claire ellis


Hi! I’m Claire. I live in Essex, U.K. with my husband and guinea pigs, Simon and Stevie. I adore animals, and am a self-confessed introvert and ex-workaholic. I work in the heart of London’s financial district as an editor. 

We live in a world that thrives on stress, expectations, and busyness. The average person has thousands of thoughts infiltrate their minds every day, and many of us feel tired, deflated, inadequate, and incredibly stressed. 

I've launched this website so we can share views about anything and everything mental and physical health. This is not just for us, it’s also for you to share your everyday stories and challenges. From a personal perspective, this gives me the opportunity to reconnect with a somewhat dormant skill; simply writing creatively from my heart. I'm so excited to be doing this with Dawn. She is incredibly talented and her beautiful words will both move and inspire you. 

I want to encourage people to speak up and not feel afraid or alone. I also want to promote writing as an amazing and powerful form of therapy. 

Some things I'm learning along my own journey and am noting to myself:

Fancy job titles and money don't guarantee happiness. Yes to security, but ultimately appreciating each and every moment is what matters.

Be grateful, even if it's for small things like soya lattes… or for simply being alive.

You're amazing and beautiful inside and out; remember that.

You're uniquely you and will never be the same as someone else, so don't compare or rate yourself against them.

Loving yourself is hard but essential.

Look out for those people who truly care and love you, love them hard.

Your past isn't your final destination. Hang on in there, even on your darkest of days.

Never underestimate the power of breathing, talking, and moving.

Don't strive for perfection, strive for authentic. The world will throw expectations, standards, and labels at you. Do what makes you happy, be it dancing badly, or doing word search – ultimately be yourself and own yourself. Say no to stuff you hate or don't enjoy.

Reach out to those who can help you, no one should ever feel alone.

10 things I love:

My family, Ilkley moor, animals, west coast of Ireland, CrossFit, piano music, vegan curries, German cars, autumn, and poetry.

10 things I dislike:

Snakes (yes, an animal, but because they really scare me), slaughter of and cruelty to animals, action and sci-fi movies, pretend life coaches, rude and impatient people, box jumps, foam rolling, zoos, insomnia, high heeled shoes